Если базовый Mercedes-AMG GT кажется вам недостаточно ярким или агрессивным, то советуем вам обратить внимание на эту же модель, но прошедшую через руки специалистов тюнинг-ателье Prior Design. Их работу точно нельзя обвинить в серости.

Взяв за основу купе Mercedes-AMG GT S, тюнеры создали новый проект. Для этого спорткар оснастили фирменным широким обвесом PD700GTR, сделали новый капот и заднее антикрыло — по желанию элементы можно заказать в исполнении из углепластика.

Демонстрационный автомобиль также получил заниженную на 40 миллиметров подвеску H&R и новые чёрные колёса с пятью двойными спицами — 20-дюймовые спереди и 21-дюймовые сзади. 

Из других доработок в Prior Design заявляют для Mercedes-AMG GT S спортивную выхлопную систему и декорированный карбоном интерьер, снимки которого не представлены.

Источник: Prior Design

Галерея: Mercedes-AMG GT S от Prior Design

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Widened to perfection: new PD700GTR wide body kit for the AMG GT

The Mercedes AMG GT S is enchanting just as it comes off the line, with its gorgeous coupé styling, its extra-long hood and substantially recessed passenger compartment, as well as the beguiling curvature of the body. This two-door also sits firmly on the road thanks to its width and low height, making it the dream of many a car lover. But it makes an even more striking impression when it is equipped with the new wide body kit from Prior Design. The kit bears the name of PD700GTR and makes its competitor, the Porsche 911 from Affalterbach, look almost outrageously muscular by comparison. So the driver of this sports car can be sure of being the main attraction wherever he shows up.

The most important part of the kit is, of course, the extremely sweeping widening of the body on the front and rear axles. New side rocker panels provide for a shapely connection of the axles. In addition, the kit includes complete front and rear skirts – including a spoiler lip and cup fenders in front and a large diffuser and cup fenders in the rear, as well. An engine hood and the fixed, multi-piece rear spoiler round off the package. The body kit is produced entirely of carbon on request. Of course, wheel housings that are so enlarged definitely need a new set of wheels. This AMG is standing on Prior Design PD3Forged wheels with five double spokes, the black finish of which contrasts agreeably with the red paint job on the body. The dimensions of these three-part wheels are 9.5x20” and 12.5x21,” while the Continental tires measure 245/30 ZR20 and 305/25 ZR21.

The interior of the GT S, which is already furnished to a very high standard at the factory, has been similarly customized. Thanks to many decorative elements made of carbon fiber, the cockpit appears even more regal and sporty, perfectly taking up the spirit of the exterior’s look.

Since a full-bodied roar is practically a necessity for the engine of such an imposing sports car, Prior Design also provided some enhancements in this respect: a new exhaust system, including valve control, has been added to the four-liter twin-turbo V8 in the GT S. Lastly, the H&R sports springs, which lower the body of the Mercedes by 40 millimeters, put the perfect final touch on its look and handling. Hence the GT S not only has everything it needs to be a first-rate show car, but is also intended to be convincing on the racetrack. At present, Prior Design is running test drives on the Nürburgring with the professional racecar driver and owner of Pure Energy, David Schiwietz. The results will soon be made public, along with other information.