Имя Майкла Фукса известно всем, кто следит за рынком суперкаров. Известный коллекционер вновь стал героем новостных лент — он первым в Северной Америке получил новейший McLaren Senna.

Гиперкар доставили в Нью-Йорк и это отнюдь не простая машина. Специалисты McLaren Special Operations окрасили купе в эксклюзивный цвет Fux Green, нанесение которого занимает 1000 часов труда!

Помимо зелёного кузова у гиперкара полированные колёса, красные и синие гайки на низ, а ещё — салон из белой кожи, чёрной алькантары и зелёная прострочка в тон кузову.

Технически McLaren Senna для Майкла Фукса ничем не отличается от других. Но внешне – он неповторим!

McLaren Senna MSO
McLaren Senna MSO
McLaren Senna MSO

Стоит сказать, что у Фукса уже есть другие эксклюзивные McLaren — Майкл владеет McLaren 720S цвета Fux Fuchsia, McLaren MP4-12C цвета McLaren Orange и McLaren MP4-12C Spider особого фиолетового цвета.

Впервые McLaren Senna Fux Green будет показан на публике в рамках Monterey Car Week в августе.

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Галерея: Fux Green McLaren Senna MSO

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First North American McLaren Senna Delivered to Customer in New York City


The first North American designation of McLaren’s most extreme road car ever built, the McLaren Senna, has been delivered to customer Michael Fux in New York City. An entrepreneur, philanthropist and renowned car collector known for his eclectic taste, Mr. Fux’s Senna features an extensive list of bespoke content specified through McLaren Special Operations (MSO).

Perhaps most significant is the Full Visual Carbon Fibre Body, tinted in a custom emerald green colour known as “Fux Green.” Comprising 67 parts, the full body set takes almost 1,000 hours to produce. Blue and red wheel centre lock nuts and ball polished wheels complete the exterior, while the body colour is carried through to the interior, with “Fux Green” Tinted Carbon in Gloss Finish, complimented by a bright white leather facia, seats, door uppers, and steering wheel, with green contrast stitching on the seats and steering wheel. The headliner remains in Carbon Black Alcantara®, while the door struts and rear-view mirror are painted in green.

“We’re pleased to be here to officially deliver the first McLaren Senna in the North American market,” said Tony Joseph, President, McLaren North America. “This is such a special car – designed and engineered to be the ultimate road-legal track car ever produced by McLaren. We know that owners can’t wait to get their cars on the circuit, and we’re eager for them to get behind the wheel.”

Bearing the name of legendary Formula 1 driver, Ayrton Senna, the newest family member to the Ultimate Series was developed to be the most responsive and engaging road-legal McLaren ever, offering the purest connection between the driver and car. Though the engine specs are impressive – a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces 789bhp and 590 lb ft torque for 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds and 0—124mph in a blistering 6.8 seconds—the aerodynamics are arguably most note worthy on the McLaren Senna. The active front aero blades and an active rear wing produce up to 1,763.7lbs of downforce, and are supported by the aggressive, form-follows-function design of the Senna in which aerodynamic performance was prioritized above visual appearance.

As with all McLaren road cars, the McLaren Senna features a carbon “tub”—the Monocage II, which contributes to the lightest dry weight of 2,641lbs, making the McLaren Senna the lightest McLaren since the iconic F1. The RaceActive Chassis Control II suspension ensures maximum stability under heavy braking, high-speed cornering and intense acceleration, while the next-generation carbon ceramic, motorsport-derived brakes and bespoke Pirelli P Zero ™ Trofeo R tires deliver a more connected driving experience and quicker lap times.

The “Fux Green” McLaren Senna joins a bespoke 720S that is also in Mr. Fux’s collection. Noted for its bright white interior and custom fuchsia exterior color known as “Fux Fuchsia” – Mr. Fux’s 720S made a splash on the Concept Car Lawn at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. These supercars join his other McLarens – a 12C in McLaren Orange and a 12C Spider in bespoke purple.

The McLaren Senna owned by Mr. Fux will be on display at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering during Monterey Car Week on August 24th.