После работы над Audi RS3 Sedan в ателье ABT Sportsline взялись за тюнинг хэтчбека Audi RS3 Sportback. Получилось весьма неплохо!

Машину оснастили накладками на колёсные арки, новую выхлопную систему с двумя двойными патрубками, а ещё — фирменный аэродинамический обвес и новые колёса, доступные в размерах от 19 до 20 дюймов.

Одними стилистическими доработками дело не ограничилось и мощность 2,5-литрового турбомотора выросла до 493 л.с. Разгон с 0 до 100 км/ч теперь занимает всего 3,7 секунды, а максимальная скорость составляет 300 км/ч.

Кому этого кажется слишком много, можно выбрать 453-сильный вариант тюнинга — это на фоне 395-сильного двигателя уже приличная доработка мотора.

Ну и, конечно, в ABT Sportsline готовы реализовать любые возможности по доработке салона — кожа, карбон и другие материалы в любых цветах и сочетаниях.

Источник: ABT Sportsline

Галерея: Audi RS3 Sportback от ABT

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"Edelweiss" with 500 HP and the NEW 20-inch GR rims: the ABT Audi RS3 Sportback

The edelweiss is probably the most famous Alpine flower. It is said to have many positive properties – even as an anti-aging remedy. But this strictly protected white plant is not the only fountain of youth to be found in Bavaria: ABT Sportsline, for example, offers its interpretation of the Audi RS 3 – and there is no law against picking this precious flower from the company lot, as long as the purchase price has been paid.

Just pretty and white? The demonstration model for the RS 3 tuning program has more to offer, like the ABT SPORT GR alloy wheels in 8.5x20 inch. The design features ten spokes which bisect towards the rim flange, the recessed hub area and the strongly concave rim base. While the fully diamond-polished surface of the matte black version creates a high level of plasticity and elegance, the glossy black finish with diamond polishing only on the flange appears more aggressive. After all, this is a vehicle with lots of temperament!

With 500 HP (368 kW) and 570 Nm, the ABT Power R power boost ensures that the fast compact car does not take root. The company prises the enormous power from the 400 HP (294 kW) strong production engine with the ABT Engine Control (AEC) unit. An
ABT intercooler and a special ABT exhaust system were also fitted. With this power, the compact car can reach up to 186 mph and rockets from 0 to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds. But even without the additional hardware, the five-cylinder engine in the RS 3 already has significant potential: The ABT Power boost relies exclusively on the AEC and employs 460 HP (338 kW). Unlike the Edelweiss, the ABT RS3 Sportback is not a protected species, but risk prevention is still a priority. Careful engineering, effective engine protection measures and test runs on the chassis dynamometer and on public roads are cultivating driving pleasure without remorse.

For the perfect finish, ABT fender inserts are additionally available. In addition to the GR on the test car, other attractive 19-inch or 20-inch alloy wheels are also available: ABT ER-C,
ER-F or FR. For the interior, ABT Sportsline offers its customers numerous other interesting options. For perfect road holding, the world's largest tuner for Audi and Volkswagen vehicles additionally offers ABT suspension springs. The complete KW height adjustable suspension kit variant 3 with specially developed setup is available as the "big solution". Independent of this, the performance can be completed with an ABT sports stabilizer set. And for those who like a quick trip from 60 to 0, the ABT brake upgrade kit can help. All this makes the ABT RS3 Sportback the ideal vehicle for handling hairpins bends in a daring and safe drive, against the special backdrop of the Alps. The perfect soundtrack comes from the ABT muffler system, featuring two 102 mm double pipes in black chrome.

But the ABT RS3 Sportback only comes into full bloom with the complete aerodynamics kit, including the ABT front lip, the front grille add-on and the ABT rear skirt add-on with integrated exhaust channels. All parts are only available as a set in connection with a comprehensive performance package. It always comes with ABT Power R and 500 HP (368 kW) as well as most of the extras previously mentioned. As an additional highlight, ABT also offers an interior package with individual leathering of the seats and carbon fiber parts.