Bugatti не планирует делать открытую версию гиперкара Chiron, но для любителей неба над головой подготовила особую опцию Sky View — две стеклянные панели в крыше над каждым из кресел.

Новая опция подразумевает установку в крыше двух стеклянных панелей по 65 сантиметра в длину и 44 сантиметра в ширину каждая. Элементы собраны из 4 слоёв стекла, что обеспечивает тишину и защиту от ультрафиолета.


Bugatti Chiron Skyview Roof

Кроме того, панорамная крыша обеспечивает дополнительные 2,7 сантиметра пространства над головой и делает гиперкар Buggati Chiron более удобным для высокорослых клиентов.

Заказать Sky View можно уже сейчас, но лишь с учётом того, если вы успеете заказать автомобиль до того, как он будет полностью распродан.

Источник: Bugatti

Галерея: Bugatti Chiron с панорамной крышей

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Two fixed glass panels in the roof above the driver’s and passenger’s seats

Newly developed laminated glass offers outstanding noise abatement and thermal comfort at the same time as offering occupants more headroom

Sky View available as an option with immediate effect

Chiron Sky View to be presented in August at Pebble Beach (USA)

Bugatti is giving occupants of the Chiron a clear view of the sky. With immediate effect, Bugatti customers who want to enjoy sunlight from above in their new Chiron can do so with the “Sky View” option. This consists of two fixed glass panels in the roof of the vehicle, each 65 cm long and 44 cm wide, above the driver’s and passenger’s seats. These panels have a newly developed laminated structure with thin glass and four intermediate layers.

Each layer meets individual requirements. Firstly, undesirable wind noise is reduced and secondly infrared radiation is reflected away from the ehicle to ensure maximum thermal comfort. In addition, the glass is tinted to prevent dazzle effects and to protect occupants’privacy. Finally, harmful ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) radiation is filtered out. As a side-effect, the laminated design improves the stiffness of the roof panels. The outstanding structural properties of the Chiron, including the stiffness of the overall vehicle and crash safety, are maintained.

In comparison with the Chiron with a standard roof, the Chiron Sky View also offers 2.7 additional centimetres of headroom.

Bugatti plans to present the Chiron Sky View at the Monterey Car Week in California at the end of August 2018.