BMW потребовалось всего несколько месяцев, чтобы превратить базовый седан 3 Series нового поколения в удлинённую версию с индексом Li. Такой автомобиль будет доступен только в Китае. Новинка длиннее 5 Series (E39) и даже 5 Series (E60)!

2019 BMW 3 серии с длинной колесной базой (CN Spec)

В Европе можно купить седан длиной 4,71 метра, а вот китайский вариант уже длиной 4,83 метра. Прибавка в 12 сантиметров по большей части пришлась на колёсную базу — 2,96 метра — что увеличило пространство в салоне для пассажиров сзади.

2019 BMW 3 Series Long Wheelbase (CN Spec)

Седан BMW 325 Li M Sport по дизайну ничем не отличается от базовой версии. Технический удлинённая модификация также не отличается от 184-сильного 320i с 2-литровым турбомотором.

Выпуск BMW 325 Li наладят на совместном предприятии BMW Brilliance, а конкурировать новинке предстоит с Audi A4 L, Jaguar XE L и Mercedes C-Class L, которые также выпускают в Китае. Начало продаж удлинённого седана ожидается в конце 2019 года.

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BMW Brilliance Kicks off the All-new BMW 3 Series LWB Project

(Beijing) As pioneer of the premium sports sedan segment, the BMW 3 Series Sedan is on the cusp of ushering in a new generation. Recently, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. announced the upcoming launch of the new edition BMW 3 Series Sedan long wheelbase in 2019. The new model is tailor-made for Chinese customers as it showcases the unique charm of a classic sports sedan whilst adopting the all-new BMW design language, enhanced sports performance, innovative technology and exclusive luxury experience.

The first BMW 3 Series Sedan made its debut in 1975. For more than 40 years, it has been the icon of "driving pleasure" in the premium midsize segment, with all previous generations praised as classics. Adopting the sports car concept, the BMW 3 Series Sedan is one of BMW's most successful models. Over the course of its six model generations to date, the BMW 3 Series has been ranked one of the world’s best-selling premium cars, with the total sales of the first six generations exceeding 15.5 million.

The new generation BMW 3 Series Sedan long wheelbase has been developed synchronously alongside the standard wheelbase version. The preferences of Chinese customers are incorporated into the development goals and processes, in order to meet their aesthetic, sports, innovation and luxury demands.

The new generation BMW 3 Series Sedan adopts the brand’s new design language, rearranging the exterior and interior surfaces. A combination of precisely drawn lines and strikingly contoured surfaces provides a clear showcase for its dynamic and robust character. The new interior design remains driver-oriented, the concise lines and clustered controls into clearly structured function panels allow for a clearer arrangement of surfaces. Top-class materials, precise build quality and numerous meticulously crafted details set the tone for the refined modern interpretation of the premium sporting aesthetic.

As a quintessential BMW sports car, the All-new BMW 3 Series Sedan has acquired greater weight optimisation, enhanced power performance, a lower centre of gravity, 50:50 axle load distribution and more, taking handling characteristics to the next level. BMW Group continues to remain at the forefront in innovative technology, committed to a customer centric strategy to create a futuristic intelligent cockpit, leading future mobility. In order to improve driving comfort for Chinese consumers, the All-new BMW 3 Series Sedan long wheelbase will create an all-round freeing of interior space whilst further adding luxury comfort configurations.

The BMW 3 Series represents the core of BMW brand sports models, each generation showcases sustained vitality. The current and 6th generation BMW 3 Series demonstrates strong product strength and value, delivering significant market appeal. In 2018, it achieved sales of more than 130,000 units. In future, the All-new BMW 3 Series Sedan will be a continuation of this premium sports sedan’s legendary heritage.