Накануне официального дебюта своей первой модели в Automobili Pininfarina раскрыли подробности относительно новинки. Электрический гиперкар Battista выпустят тиражом в 150 автомобилей и уже сейчас можно оставить предзаказ на машину.

Pininfarina Battista тизер

Pininfarina Battista будет представлен на рынках Северной Америки, Европы, а также Ближнего Востока и Азии. В этих регионах уже определены уполномоченные на продажу и обслуживание электрогиперкара компании.

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Итак, известно, что в мире появится 20-25 официальных дилеров, которые будут обслуживать 150 экземпляров Battista. Сеть представительств будет расти, когда Automobili Pininfarina станет расширять свою модельную линейку.

В Северной Америке представительства появятся в Лос-Анджелесе, Майами, Нью-Йорке, Сан-Франциско, Торонто и Ванкувере. В Европе первоначально Automobili Pininfarina будет представлена в Бирмингеме, Брюсселе, Дюссельдорфе, Лондоне, Монако и Штутгарте.

Что касается продаж, то Battista начнут передавать клиентам в 2020 году. Тираж в 150 автомобилей распределят так: 50 машин для Северной Америки, 50 — для Европы и оставшиеся 50 штук уйдут на Ближний Восток и в Азию.

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Скрыть пресс-релиз Показать пресс-релиз

(Munich, 6th February 2019): Ahead of Automobili Pininfarina’s global reveal of its revolutionary Battista electric hypercar at the Geneva Motor Show, the company has announced details of the first phase of retail specialists appointed in its new global network. These partnerships will be defined and managed by Automobili Pininfarina’s new Munich-based sales team to ensure the pinnacle of customer experience is achieved when the world’s first pure Pininfarina road car comes to market in 2020.

Since the company was announced in April 2018, Automobili Pininfarina’s CEO, Michael Perschke has prioritised the selection of the world’s leading specialist car retailers to support the company’s ambitions for the new luxury brand. The company is working to establish global relationships with 25 to 40 Automobili Pininfarina retail specialists, all proven in high-performance and luxury car client relationships.

Michael Perschke, CEO, Automobili Pininfarina, said: “We are passionate about the customer journey, the touchpoints and the full Pininfarina experience – our retail specialists fulfil the promise for us around the world and share our passion for Pininfarina’s provenance and the potential of electrification in a luxury brand. We believe our retail specialists will become evangelists of the brand as they take on the privilege of caring for Pininfarina cars and clients. Initially, for the Battista’s 150 clients we’ll have 20 to 25 global touchpoints; as the Pininfarina range grows, we’ll add further retail specialists while still retaining exclusivity.”

Automobili Pininfarina has secured relationships with luxury retailers in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and will complete these regions’ networks during the course of 2019. Demonstrating the company’s global reach, it is pleased to announce that it has launched a North American sales company which has entered into relationships with North American luxury and high-performance vehicle specialists in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver. Europe will be served by specialists in Birmingham, Brussels, Düsseldorf, London, Monaco and Stuttgart, with eight further locations currently under discussion. Automobili Pininfarina has also announced that in Asia luxury retail specialists will be located in Hong Kong and Singapore, whilst Middle East partners are confirmed in Dubai and Riyadh. The company’s network for mainland China will be the subject of a separate announcement later this year. Meanwhile, Chinese customers are able to contact the Automobili Pininfarina global headquarters or an Automobili Pininfarina retail specialist of their choice.

Marcus Korbach, Automobili Pininfarina Sales Director, said: “Initial demand in North America has been very strong for Battista, and our focus now is on presenting this spectacular hypercar to prospective clients in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our team will also ensure we have everything in place with our exceptional network to ensure the success of the car. Based on the unique client relationship of our specialists we will add value through the product and brand experience.”

The Battista, which takes its name from Pininfarina SpA’s founder Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina, will be a ground-breaking hypercar offering unrivalled performance combined with ultra-luxury. Thanks to its carbon fibre construction and electric motors, a combined output of 1,900 horsepower and 2,300 Nm of torque is targeted, and it is expected to accelerate from rest to 100 km/h in less than two seconds and on to 300 km/h in less than 12 seconds, all with a potential zero emissions range of more than 450 kilometres.

The Battista is planned to come to market in 2020 but with no more than 150 set to be produced – 50 for North America, 50 for Europe and 50 for the Middle East and Asia markets – potential customers are invited to apply to own Battista now using an online service within the company’s website: APPLY NOW.

The Automobili Pininfarina Battista will receive its global reveal at an exclusive VIP event on 4th March at 20:30 (CET) in Geneva, prior to the all-electric hypercar’s public world premiere on the Automobili Pininfarina stand at the Geneva Motor Show on 5th March at 14:15 (CET).