Toyota представила эксклюзивную версию микроавтобуса HiAce последнего поколения. В Австралии в продажу поступит 2019 экземпляров модели с открытым верхом. Лимитированную версию предложат только на австралийском рынке.

2019 Toyota HiAce Convertible

"Нельзя отрицать, что Toyota HiAce — популярный выбор среди коммерсантов и корпоративных клиентов, а с появлением HiAce Convertible мы рассчитываем увеличить нашу клиентскую аудиторию. Только эта машина способна с комфортом перевозить вас в городе, а потом доставить за город, где вы сможете наслаждаться единением с природой", — заявил представитель Toyota Australia Броди Ботт.

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Кабриолет может быть сделан на базе любой модификации Toyota HiAce — от 2-местной коммерческой модели с длинной и сверхдлинной колёсной базой до 12-местного автобуса. Кроме того, в оснащение войдёт встроенная в багажник печь PieAce, включающая в себя духовой шкаф и гриль.

Стоимость Toyota HiAce Convertible не называется, потому что автомобиль — не более чем шутка по случаю 1 апреля.

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Toyota Australia has revealed the world's first HiAce Convertible will be sold exclusively Down Under when the new HiAce van range, the first in 15 years, goes on sale next month.

To commemorate the year of HiAce's return, a limited run of just 2,019 of the all-new HiAce Convertible will be made especially for the Australian market.

The soft-top convertible option will be available across the entire new HiAce van range, including the two-seat long wheel base (LWB) and super-long wheelbase (SLWB) configurations, as well as the five-seat LWB crew vans and 12-seat SLWB Commuter buses.

Toyota Australia's Head of Public Affairs Brodie Bott said the HiAce Convertible combines the quality, durability, reliability and practicality Australians have come to expect of HiAce with a Z-fold roof that allows for year-round fun.

"There's no denying the HiAce has been a popular choice for tradespeople and couriers alike, and now with the HiAce Convertible, we expect it will be even more popular with more people," Mr Bott said. 

"Not only is it a vehicle that can navigate busy city streets and get you from A-to-B in comfort and safety, it also gives you the freedom to open up the roof and head down the coast for a weekend getaway. 

"With its muscular lines, the new HiAce Convertible looks the part, too.

"The ground-breaking shape of the new HiAce, with its semi-bonnet and stiffer frame, lends itself perfectly to a convertible design while maintaining rigorous safety standards," he said.

In another Australian first, Toyota Australia has also revealed the new HiAce Convertible will come with an optional extra built-in pie oven, called 'PieAce', disguised neatly behind the rear tailgate.

The PieAce includes a fan-forced oven and grill with four cooking racks and reaches a top temperature of 250 degrees Celsius.

Mr Bott said the PieAce made smoko a breeze.

"The PieAce brings a whole new meaning to the term 'meals on wheels'. This oven is innovation at its finest. Our customers know that we are always pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and the PieAce is taking the HiAce Convertible to the next level," he said.

"The PieAce allows busy tradespeople and couriers, who are often on the road all day to nourish their bodies with a hearty Aussie favourite, the meat pie.

"It works a lot like a slow cooker. All you do is pop an uncooked pie or sausage roll in the PieAce, set it to the desired temperature using the buttons on the steering wheel, and away you go.

"An alarm on the dash lets the driver know when the pie is cooked and ready to eat. When it's safe to do so, the driver can bring the HiAce to a complete stop to open up the rear tailgate to access the retractable PieAce."

Pricing for the HiAce Convertible, with optional PieAce pie oven, will be revealed at the new model HiAce van range launch next month.

"Happy April Fool's Day," Mr Bott said.