Nissan продолжает заводской проект Ultimate Titan, в рамках которого марка строит  уникальные пикапы для самых разных условий эксплуатации. Последним вариантом стал Ultimate Parks Titan, созданный специально для работы в Гранд-Каньоне в партнёрстве с National Park Foundation (NPF) - официальной благотворительной организацией Службы национальных парков США и её 418 заповедников.

Nissan Ultimate Parks Титан

Среди основных задач нового грузовика и специального прицепа — помощь специалистам в охране уникального памятника природы, обслуживании и ремонте инфраструктуры, а также поддержка молодёжной полевой школы Гранд-Каньона.

Галерея: Nissan Ultimate Parks Titan Concept

Nissan Titan XD получил 3-дюймовый лифт кузова, пневмоподвеску Hellwig, 35-дюймовые внедорожные покрышки на дисках Method 701 Trail Series. Силовая установка — 390-сильный 5,6-литровый V8 — осталась неизменной как и 7-ступенчатая автоматическая коробка передач.

Пикапу удлинили раму, чтобы установить на неё специальный кузов от CM Truck Beds — многочисленные отсеки позволяют разместить и закрепить всё необходимое в работе оборудование и материалы. Над грузовой платформой расположена палатка, а прицеп выступает в роли передвижного дома.

Новый Ultimate Parks Titan стал 3-й и последней машиной, которую Nissan сделал бесплатно для некоммерческих организаций в рамках своего проекта.

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Скрыть пресс-релиз Показать пресс-релиз

Calling All TITANs: Nissan donates “Ultimate Parks TITAN” to
Grand Canyon Service Conservancy through partnership with
National Park Foundation

 Nissan’s purpose-driven Calling All TITANs campaign continues with the donation
of the Ultimate Parks TITAN1
to the Grand Canyon Conservancy in partnership
with the National Park Foundation
 The custom TITAN XD Gas is specially designed for the needs of the Grand
Canyon Conservancy
 Along with a high-utility custom service body truck bed, the Ultimate Parks TITAN
includes a custom off-road support trailer
 Ultimate Parks TITAN will be on display at annual Overland Expo West in
Flagstaff, Ariz. May 17–19

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (May 16, 2019) – In the Grand Canyon’s 100th year anniversary as
a national park, there is another cause for celebration. Nissan today revealed the
Ultimate Parks TITAN, a purpose-built park support vehicle that will be donated to the
Grand Canyon Conservancy through Nissan TITAN’s partnership with the National Park

The Ultimate Parks TITAN will be used to assist the organization’s Canyon Field School, a
partnership between Grand Canyon Conservancy and the National Park Service that
offers unique opportunities for youth to experience the great outdoors in the heights and
depths of Grand Canyon National Park. Also through Nissan TITAN’s support, the Arizona
Conservation Corps becomes a grantee of the National Park Foundation and will work to
repair trails and park infrastructure at Grand Canyon National Park this summer.

“Nissan is proud to support the outstanding work being performed, trail-by-trail,
campsite-by-campsite, by partners like the National Park Foundation, Grand Canyon
Conservancy and Arizona Conservation Corps,” said Tiago Castro, director, Light
Commercial Vehicles, Nissan North America, Inc. “This custom-built TITAN XD 4x4 and
trailer should help make their important work in remote areas of the park a little easier,
safer and hopefully even a little more comfortable.”

The Ultimate Parks TITAN is the final modified TITAN donated to national nonprofit
partners as part of the Calling All TITANs campaign. The others include the Ultimate
Service TITAN for the American Red Cross and the Ultimate Work TITAN created for
Habitat for Humanity.

The Ultimate Parks TITAN build, like the previous two projects, started with an
understanding of the specific tasks at hand. For use in the Grand Canyon National Park,
which is known for areas often reached only by pack mules, sure-footed traction and
efficient load carrying were priorities. The Ultimate Parks TITAN is built off of a 2019
Nissan TITAN XD Gas PRO-4X Crew Cab and is designed to transport five people and a
host of park equipment deep into the Grand Canyon National Park’s remote areas.

As in all 2019 Nissan TITAN XD Gas PRO-4X Crew Cab trucks, the Ultimate Parks TITAN
is powered by Nissan’s 5.6-liter Endurance® V8 engine, rated at 390 horsepower and
394 lb-ft of torque. All-terrain traction is provided by an advanced four-wheel drive
system featuring a transfer case designed to ensure maximum power distribution in
every gear. It distributes torque to both ends and provides four-wheel drive when add
Durable off-road performance features include Hill Descent Control, Hill Start Assist and
Brake Limited-Slip Differential (BLSD). An off-road gauge uses accelerometer data to
calculate the vehicle’s pitch and roll angles – an important addition for terrain that is
seldom flat.

Adding extra clearance for traversing over rocks, boulders or other obstructions is an
ICON 3-inch suspension lift kit and Hellwig Air Suspension. To help enter and exit the
now higher cabin, AMP BedSteps 
were added. The Ultimate Parks TITAN also rides on
new, high-traction 35-inch Nitto Trail Grappler tires mounted on Method 701 Trail Series

Next, the rugged TITAN XD’s heavy-duty fully boxed steel frame was extended to fit the
CM Truck Beds custom service body. Tucked behind the roomy 5-person TITAN XD Crew
Cab body is a series of locking compartments, storage bins, equipment racks and tiedowns, including a Rhino Rack Pioneer Tray and EGR fender flares. The extended frame
also accommodates a 55-gallon fuel tank and RotopaX fuel cell – since refueling
opportunities are few and far between deep inside the park.

“The Ultimate Parks TITAN is a physical manifestation of the support Nissan is providing
to parks and park champions coast to coast,” said Will Shafroth, president of the
National Park Foundation. “From the Grand Canyon, to the Great Smokies, to Glacier Bay
in Alaska, Nissan’s support bolsters the critical work of local partners connecting youth to
parks and service corps helping to restore these treasured places.”

Housed inside the service bed are a range of special repair tools and equipment,
including a Miller EnPak welder, air compressor and generator. Completing the
equipment list are a WARN Industries ZEON Platinum 12-S Winch for getting the vehicle
out of tight or low traction spots. Also included are custom Baja Designs worksite lighting
and Addictive Desert Designs HoneyBadger front bumper.

In the tradition of packing it in and packing it out, the Black Series Camper off-road
trailer provides additional cargo capacity. Other helpful features of the specially outfitted
trailer include a CargoGlide bedslide, Leitner Designs bed rack, Rhino Rack Batwing
awning and CVT hard shell tent.

The Ultimate Parks TITAN’s maximum payload is rated at 2,990 pounds with a maximum
towing rating2 of 11,680 pounds – so taking a trailer full of equipment and supplies is no
problem. Among the list of TITAN XD’s available towing aids are an Integrated Trailer
Brake Controller, Trailer Sway Control (TSC), Tow/Haul Mode with Downhill Speed
Control and a Trailer Light Check system that allows one-person hook-up operation –
checking turn signals, brake lights and running/clearance lights from inside the TITAN
cab or with the key fob.

Literally wrapping up the Ultimate Parks TITAN build is a custom full body and trailer
wrap. The unique design features topographical lines from the north rim of the Grand
Canyon set against a National Park Foundation signature blue background.

“The Ultimate Parks TITAN is as impressive a vehicle as the work provided by the Grand
Canyon Conservancy in one of the most amazing national parks in the country,” added
Castro. “We can’t wait for it to be put to work by the exceptional men and women
improving our national parks every day.”

The Ultimate Parks TITAN will be on display during the 2019 Overland Expo West, May
17 through 19, at Ft. Tuthill County Park in Flagstaff, Ariz.