Для тех, кому не хватает мощности Z4 M40i, а терпения дождаться новый Z4 M нет, предложен незаводской вариант немецкого родстера от тюнинг-ателье Dähler.

BMW Z4 M40i от Dähler

Базовый вариант BMW Z4 M40i оснащается 3-литровым 6-цилиндровым бензиновым турбомотором мощностью 382 л.с. Первый уровень доработок предлагает увеличение отдачи до 402 л.с. и снятие ограничителя скорости, второй уровень подразумевает уже 435-сильный двигатель.

Галерея: BMW Z4 M40i от Dähler

К сожалению, тюнер ничего не сообщил о динамических характеристиках доработанного родстера. Базовый вариант с места до 100 км/ч разгоняется за 4,4 секунды, а максимальная скорость машины ограничена электроникой на 250 км/ч.

Внешне спорткар от Dähler отличается спортивной выхлопной системой с круглыми патрубками, новым спойлером и 21-дюймовыми колёсами нового дизайна с покрышками Michelin, а также уменьшенным дорожным просветом за счёт новой подвески.

Источник: Dähler

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Z4 (G29) M40i «dÄHLer competition line»: the sporty and precise driving fun!

The eagerly yearned new Z4 Roadster is finally here and now earns the predicate "sporty". And after the performance and optimization treatment by Dähler, the predicate "sports car" is well deserved, too. The new roadster, which has been comprehensively redesigned and improved by Dähler Competition Line AG from Belp near Bern in Switzerland, is now available as a Z4 M40i "DÄHLer competition line" in order to hop in and drive off!

Roadster rides are a true pleasure – no matter with the roof open or closed. A fascination of a very special kind and the continuation of a long tradition. The Z4 M40i "DÄHLer competition line" is not just an eye-catcher, but an extensively optimized curve chaser.

Dähler provided an additional performance cure to the factory-installed engine - in the series: 250 kW (340 hp), 500 Nm (lb-ft 369) - and extracted everything out of the engine, and the entire vehicle, whatever furnishes sense and most fun.

Performance data and features of the Z4 (G29) M40i «DÄHLer competition line»:

  • Power increase level 1 «powered by dÄHLER»: 300 kW (408 hp), 620 Nm (lb-ft 457), incl. removal of the standard V/max limitation, WLTP-tested and EU-/CH-homologated.
  • Power increase level 2 «powered by dÄHLer»: 324 kW (440 hp), 640 Nm (lb-ft 472), including the removal of the standard V/max limitation.
  • Stainless steel exhaust system «built by dÄHLer» (rear silencer with 4 tailpipes) with the sporty-sonorous and unmistakable DÄHLER-typical sound.
  • Competition coil-over «built by dÄHLer» (adjustable in height and hardness)or lowering with a harmonious sports spring set «built by dÄHLer».
  • Ultralight 20- or 21-inch forged wheel «dÄHLer CDC1 FORGED» with Michelin tires - the sporty and elegant wheel developed and manufactured in-house.
  • 20 or 21-inch aluminum wheel « dÄHLer CDC1» with Michelin tires - the sporty and elegant wheel developed and manufactured in-house.
  • Front spoiler lip «built by DÄHLer».

Coming soon:

  • Competitive clubsport coil-over kit "built by dÄHLer" (adjustable in height and hardness for low and high speed rides) and the DDC Plug and Play for an additional increase in agility.
  • DÄHLer glass wind deflector made of 5 mm tempered safety glass (ESG), with DIN stamp and TÜV approval certificate, (for vehicles with standard wind deflector) - available soon.