Очень быструю четырехдверку баварцы планируют продемонстрировать в готовом к производству варианте в ноябре на международном автосалоне в Лос-Анджелесе. Компанию ей там составит еще один седан, но заметно более компактный и доступный – BMW 2 серии Gran Coupe. Самая мощная версия "восьмерки" в четырехдверном кузове станет идеологическим продолжением модели M6 Gran Coupe и своего рода более экстравагантной альтернативой седану М5.

Шпионские фото BMW M8 Gran Coupe

Вероятнее всего, баварский конкурент Audi RS7 Sportback и четырехдверной версии Mercedes-AMG GT, как и прочие М-модели, станут предлагать в двух вариантах: стандартном и еще более "горячем" Competition. А оснастить их BMW собирается 4,4-литровым турбированным V8 с отдачей до 625 л.с. и 750 Нм крутящего момента. Таким образом, семейство М8 будет состоять из шести моделей – купе, кабриолета и седана, каждая "в двух лицах".

Будущая новинка станет заметно длиннее двухдверной BMW M8 и, как следствие, тяжелее. Поэтому вряд ли ее динамические показатели будут сопоставимы с характеристиками классического купе, которое способно ускориться до 100 км/ч за 3,2 секунды. Но, вероятнее всего, покупать M8 Gran Coupe будут не за десятые доли секунды на разгоне, а за дополнительное удобство, которое обеспечат две лишние двери.

Вполне можно ожидать и роста ценника. Если в Соединенных Штатах за базовую BMW M8 просят 133 000 долларов, а в России – минимум 10 790 000 рублей, то четырехдверка неминуемо окажется несколько дороже. Продажи должны стартовать в следующем году.

Галерея: Шпионские фото BMW M8 Gran Coupe

Галерея: BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe на Женевском автосалоне 2018 года

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A unique variety of exclusive refinement: the BMW model offensive in the luxury segment.

Extension of product range as central component of the corporate NUMBER ONE > NEXT strategy – Successful launch of the new BMW Series, the BMW 8 Series Coupe and the BMW 8 Series Convertible – BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe available from dealers starting September 2019 – BMW i8 Coupe and BMW i8 Roadster remain the most widely sold plug-in hybrid sports cars worldwide.


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Munich. With a comprehensively updated and significantly extended model range and the establishment of an independent product category, the premium manufacturer BMW has redefined its position within the luxury segment. The choice of vehicles, which in addition to brand-typical driving pleasure offer a maximum level of exclusiveness and attractiveness, is now more diverse and innovative than ever before. And the spectrum at the top of BMW’s model range is wider than it has ever been. Classic sedans, luxury sports cars with conventional and plug-in hybrid drive as well as a Sports Activity Vehicle each provide in an individual way for highly emotional driving experience. The vehicle’s prominent status is symbolised in the model designation by the numbers 7 or 8 respectively. The model offensive is one of the central fields of action within the corporate NUMBER ONE > NEXT strategy for securing the sustainable growth of the BMW Group on the global automotive markets.

Two years after the commencement of the model offensive in the luxury segment, BMW offers to the most discerning target groups in the luxury segment a unique variety of vehicles that combine the utmost exclusivity and a superior driving experience. The modernisation and extension of the product range in this segment began with the new BMW 8 Series Coupe. The two-door model was developed alongside the long-distance racing car BMW M8 GTE and combines outstanding dynamics with sporty elegance and cutting-edge luxury. With the new BMW 8 Series Convertible, one can now add fascinating open-air pleasure to the unique driving experience. September 2019 will see the arrival of the third member of the model series. Superior performance characteristics can be experienced in the four-door BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe on four fully-fledged seats.

The new BMW 7 Series once again sets benchmarks in the luxury sedan segment. With its expressive design, extensively further developed drive technology and groundbreaking innovations in the areas of operation and digitalisation, it got off to a successful start on the worldwide automobile market. As many as three plug-in hybrid models underscore the pioneering character of the new luxury sedan. The car’s electric drive is powered by a lithium ion battery of the latest generation and combined with a straight six-cylinder petrol engine. This results in a significant increase in sportiness, efficiency and electric range. The new BMW X7 has been in great international demand right from the word go. The Sports Activity Vehicle embodies a new understanding of luxury, in which presence, exclusiveness and generousness go hand in hand with supreme sportiness and off-road performance. 

Two extraordinary BMW luxury segment models reflect the future of the sports car. With an avant-garde design and a both powerful and efficient plug-in hybrid drive system, the BMW i8 Coupe (combined fuel consumption 1.8 l/100 km; combined power consumption 14.0 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions 42 g/km) has become the epitome of sustainable sportiness. In addition to the characteristic combination of performance and locally emission-free mobility, the BMW i8 Roadster (combined fuel consumption 2.0 l/100 km; combined power consumption 14.5 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions 46 g/km) offers the promise of a fascinating open-air driving experience. Only a few weeks after its market launch, it replaced the BMW i8 Coupe as the world’s most widely sold plug-in hybrid sports car.

The model offensive in the luxury segment gains momentum through the forthcoming market launch of the new high-performance sports car from the BMW M GmbH in September 2019. The new BMW M8 Coupe (combined fuel consumption 10.6 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions 242 g/km) and the new BMW M8 Convertible (combined fuel consumption 10.8 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions 246 g/km) offer luxurious driving pleasure coupled with maximum performance both on the road and on the racetrack. Furthermore, in November 2019, the Los Angeles Auto Show will be the setting for the world premiere of the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe.