Марка Alpine при поддержке компании Renault начала выступать в ралли еще в конце 60-х годов прошлого века, добившись к середине 70-х впечатляющих успехов – например, полного подиума в Монте-Карло и титула чемпионов мира 1973 года. Правда, позже компания переориентировалась на шоссейные гонки, а в начале 90-х и вовсе закрылась.

Возрождение Alpine началось в 2016 году с концептуального купе Vision, которое через несколько лет перевоплотилось в серийное купе A110 – тезку того самого победного спорткара 70-х. У Alpine A110S уже есть пара модификаций для трек-дней и клубных гонок (именуются они A110 S Cup и A110 S GT4), но про славное раллийное прошлое французы решили вспомнить только сейчас. Да и то ради того, чтобы помочь молодым пилотам, заработав при этом немного денег.

Alpine A110 Rally

Alpine A110 Rally построена при участии команды Signatech на облегченном шасси асфальтовых моделей, но при этом обзавелась более энергоемкой подвеской с регулируемыми амортизаторами, иными тормозами Brembo, омологированным каркасом и "ковшами" Sabelt с шеститочечными ремнями. Кроме того, в салоне появился спортивный руль с дополнительными кнопками и дисплеем.

Галерея: Alpine A110 Rally

1,8-литровый турбомотор "наддули" до 300 л.с., отрядив ему в пару шестиступенчатую секвенталку. А вот полного привода спорткару не досталось: он построен для участия в гонках FIA R-GT. Да и заводскую команду Alpine возрождать не планирует. Свои раллийные машины французы будут продавать частным командам и гонщикам-энтузиастам, причем отнюдь недешево: базовая стоимость "болида" составляет 150 тысяч евро.

Скрыть пресс-релиз Показать пресс-релиз

The Alpine A110 Rally ready to enter the scene

September 05, 2019

•             Following the Cup and GT4 versions, Alpine enriches its customer-competition portfolio with the A110 Rally.

•             The Alpine A110 Rally is presented officially during the Rallye Mont-Blanc Morzine (5-7 September, 2019).

•             This two-wheel drive car for privateer teams and drivers will be available for purchase at the end of the year.


Since its announcement in May, the Alpine A110 Rally has piqued the curiosity and interest of competitors, fans and enthusiasts from the motorsport community.


Designed and developed by Signatech from Alpine's general framework, the rally version of the Alpine A110 incorporates the lightweight and agile aluminium chassis of the Alpine A110 GT4 and Cup, derived from the production model.


This version has received additional modifications to meet all the rallying specificities. These include three-way hydraulic suspension, new Brembo brakes and safety elements specific to the sport, such as an FIA homologated roll cage and Sabelt bucket seat and six-point harness system.


Coupled with a sequential six-speed gearbox (plus reverse gear) and a limited slip differential, the 4-cylinder turbocharged 1.8-litre engine from the production model has also been specifically adapted to the rally. In addition to particular work on the torque ban, power has also been increased to more than 300 horsepower.


Following a productive shakedown at the Lurcy-Lévis circuit, the Alpine A110 Rally began an intense development programme with principally multiple two-wheel drive French Rally Champion Emmanuel Guigou and 2015 French Junior Champion Laurent Pellier


The two will do the majority of the developmental work to test reliability and set the basic settings. Other drivers will add their contributions to make the Alpine A110 Rally as versatile as possible, easy to drive and affordable so that professionals, gentlemen drivers and young guns can exploit all its potential with efficiency and pleasure.


Meanwhile, Signatech and Alpine are working to get an FIA R-GT homologation, in which the homologation process is still ongoing, in collaboration with the FFSA. This will culminate in the coming weeks and pave the way for the commercialization, then delivery of the first Alpine A110 Rally cars in early 2020, the scheduled date of its competition debut.


Starting today and all weekend long, the Alpine A110 Rally is on public display in Morzine, in the heart of the service park of round six of the FFSA French Rally Championship, Rallye Mont-Blanc Morzine.


Régis Fricotté, Alpine Commercial and Competition Director

This return to rallying is highly anticipated as Alpine made history when it won the first-ever World Rally Championship in 1973. To ensure the success of this new adventure, we have entrusted the research and development, production and commercialization of the Alpine A110 Rally to Signatech, our partner as well in the FIA World Endurance Championship and around the Cup and GT4 programmes. The Alpine A110 Rally looks set to be a very fine car to drive and amazingly efficient.


Philippe Sinault, Signatech Director

It is a great honour for Signatech to have been chosen for such an exciting project that will see Alpine return to the special stages. All of our savoir-faire was called upon to meet the Alpine specifications and the first tests were extremely positive. The Alpine A110 Rally demonstrates genuine rally qualities while being a pleasurable car with uncompromising performances. The experience of Manu Guigou and Laurent Pellier was invaluable in this phase of development, and we would like to thank Renault Sport Racing for its expertise and the Team FJ for its help with the testing logistics. We still have a lot of work to do before building the first cars, but this first public appearance marks a new stage in this exciting challenge!



Alpine A110 Rally

Price ex. vat of model on display without options

From 150,000 €, subject to homologation of the car


Technical specifications

- Engine 1.8-l turbo; 300+ hp

- 6-speed sequential gearbox / limited slip differential

- FIA homologated roll cage

- Sabelt bucket seats + 6-point harness system

- Brembo brakes

- Bosch Motorsports ABS

- Paddle steering wheel + integrated display

- Adjustable traction control

- FIA-homologated 65l FT3 fuel cell


Options & accessories

- Data acquisition

- Alpine blue paint