При покупке одного из 15 McLaren 720S MSO Apex Collection владелец получит не только эксклюзивный автомобиль, но и VIP-обслуживание с доступом в паддок Formula 1 и возможностью принять участие в мероприятии Pirelli Hot Laps.

McLaren 720S MSO Apex Коллекция

Таким образом McLaren решил напомнить о своей богатой гоночной истории: в чемпионатах британские машины побеждали задолго до того, как стали серийными автомобилями для дорог общего пользования. Каждый из суперкаров Apex Collection посвящен одному из пяти гоночных треков Европы, на которых McLaren добивался успеха. 

Особенности спецверсии включают пороги из углеволокна в дверных проемах, на которых написано название гоночного трека и скорость самого быстрого поворота. Причем указана та скорость, которой удалось достичь профессиональному водителю на McLaren 720S именно в апексе виража. Само собой, в интерьере можно найти табличку с порядковым номером автомобиля спецсерии.

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Какие же треки вошли в коллекцию апексов?

  • Четыре машины построены для автодрома Сильверстоун в Великобритании с максимальной скоростью в повороте 177 км/ч. 
  • Три машины посвящены немецкому Хоккенхаймрингу с максималкой 137 км/ч.
  • Три машины славят автодром Поль Рикар во Франции (167 км/ч).
  • Три машины построены в честь бельгийской трассы Спа-Франкоршам (166 км/ч).
  • Три машины посвящены итальянскому автодрому Монца (145 км/ч). 

Если вы посчитали внимательно, то получается 16 машин. Мы запросили информацию у McLaren, почему количество не сходится с заявленным, и ждем ответа. Поставки суперкаров начнутся в октябре.

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McLaren 720S Coupé MSO Apex Collection brings drivers closer to the iconic Grand Prix racetracks

26 Sep 2019

  • McLaren 720S Coupé MSO Apex Collection celebrates McLaren’s links to the classic race circuits of Europe
  • Five different MSO versions linked to British, German, French, Belgian and Italian Grand Prix circuits
  • Just 15 cars produced for Europe, featuring MSO Bespoke additions and optional Track Pack fitted; only six right-hand-drive cars
  • McLaren 720S Coupé MSO Apex is available from £288,813 in UK which includes a VIP experience at a Grand Prix track

McLaren’s history was forged on the race circuits of Europe from the moment that founder Bruce McLaren began competing on the continent at the end of 1950s, through to modern-day GT racing.  Inspired by the brand’s formidable racing prowess – and named after arguably the most crucial aspect of successful cornering at high speeds – the MSO Apex Collection comprises just 15 McLaren 720S Coupés, showcasing five special designs celebrating nations associated with McLaren successes on the track.

The rigid and light carbon fibre chassis at the heart of every McLaren - introduced for the first time into Formula One in 1981 – is just one example of the brand’s evolution from racing to become the most pioneering sportscar and supercar company.

This connection is immediately evident to every Apex Collection owner upon opening the 720S’s dihedral door, which reveals MSO Bespoke extended side sills in carbon fibre, adorned with the apex speed of the fastest corner at the Collection’s Grand Prix circuit of that country.  Achieved in the car by one of McLaren’s professional performance drivers, the apex speed presents a challenge that each owner can take on by joining a Pure McLaren track driving event, where they will be coached by a McLaren professional performance driver to maximise their circuit driving potential.

The McLaren 720S Coupé MSO Apex Collection is divided into five different themes, each celebrating a nation indelibly linked to McLaren’s motor racing success:

  • Apex Great Britain – two right-hand-drive cars and two left-hand-drive cars – 110mph refers to the apex speed in the high-speed Abbey corner that begins a lap of the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit.
  • Apex Germany – one right-hand-drive car and two left-hand-drive cars - 85mph refers to the apex speed in the Mobil 1 kurve that leads into the old stadium section at the Hockenheimring.
  • Apex France – one right-hand-drive car and two left-hand-drive cars - 104mph refers to the apex speed in the sweeping Signes curve at the end of the Mistral Straight on the Circuit Paul Ricard.
  • Apex Belgium – one right-hand-drive car and two left-hand-drive cars - 103mph refers to the apex speed in the iconic Eau Rouge section of the majestic Spa-Francorchamps track.
  • Apex Italy – one right-hand-drive car and two left-hand-drive cars - 90mph refers to the Ascari chicane that precedes the famous Parabolica on the historic Monza circuit.

Reinforcing the link to racing, every owner of a McLaren Apex collection 720S will also receive an FIA Formula 1 Paddock Pass. They will also be able to participate in the Pirelli Hot Laps experience; a high-speed passenger lap in a McLaren car with a McLaren professional driver at the wheel – where they will be able to see for themselves how the apex speed is achieved.

On- or off-track, the 720S Coupé is a game-changer in its own right, designed and developed from the outset to excel in all conditions. The lightweight but incredibly strong and stiff carbon fibre Monocage II body structure at its core combines with the acclaimed 720PS twin-turbocharged V8 engine and Proactive Chassis Control II active suspension to produce a car that delivers acceleration from standstill to 200km/h (124mph) in just 7.8 seconds.

Every McLaren 720S Coupé MSO Apex Collection comes with the 720S Track Pack fitted, adding additional motorsport content to the 720S and making it an even lighter, more circuit-focused supercar for track enthusiasts, with a weight-saving of 24kg. Based on the 720S Performance specification – with hood air intakes, rear fender air intakes and door mirror casings in carbon fibre and engine bay ambient lighting – the Track Pack exterior features of Super-Lightweight 10-Spoke Forged Alloy Wheels, an MSO Defined Gloss Finish Visual Carbon Fibre Active Rear Spoiler and a Sports Exhaust. Inside the expansive teardrop cabin, Lightweight Carbon Fibre Racing Seats ensure a purposeful racecar environment as well as delivering an ergonomic benefit, while a titanium harness bar supports 6-point harnesses for both driver and passenger.

The McLaren Telemetry (MTT) system that is also part of the Track Pack allows owners to analyse their circuit progress and improvement opportunities, recording driving performance using three integrated video and advanced data logging. Each Apex car also features a portfolio of MSO options, including Extended Shift Paddles; MSO Bespoke steering wheel with 12 o’clock marker in a dual colour band Alcantara® material or leather, and MSO Bespoke throttle pedal and key shell. An MSO Bespoke dedication plaque identifies the cars in the collection, which are also distinguished by an MSO Apex logo on the rear fender.

“The McLaren story began on the racetrack and the circuits where we made our name. The MSO Apex Collection celebrates the circuit prowess of our cars and the enduring link with countries that cherish McLaren’s racing heritage and help to drive our ongoing success with cars that are equally at home on track or road.”
Alex Long, Managing Director Europe, McLaren Automotive.

The 720S Coupé MSO Apex Collection is on sale now from £288,813 at selected European McLaren Retailers with customer deliveries beginning in October.

For more information on available driving packages, or to view the calendar, please visit https://cars.mclaren.com/gb-en/experiences