По опубликованному тизеру может показаться, что речь идет о небольшом родстере, но на самом деле Mi-Tech – полноценный кроссовер, пусть и компактный, и двухместный. У него имеется привод на все четыре колеса, а кузов, судя по фото, обеспечит завидную геометрию.

Mitsubishi Mi Tech Concept

Пока обнародована только информация о конфигурации силовой установки. За каждое колесо у Mi-Tech отвечает собственный электромотор, а электричество для них вырабатывает небольшой газотурбинный двигатель. Утверждается, что такая схема обеспечит беспрецедентное удовольствие от вождения и уверенность на любом покрытии, но характеристики внедорожника не называются.

Super Height K-Wagon Concept

Зато известно, что концепт снабдили новым интерфейсом, выводящим общение человека и автомобиля на новый уровень. Он использует элементы дополненной реальности, проецируя информацию прямо на ветровое стекло. Наконец, оснащен Mi-Tech и фирменным комплексом активных систем безопасности Mi-Pilot, который может также выполнять функции автопилота.

Галерея: Тизеры Mitsubishi для автосалона в Токио

Еще одной премьерой Mitsubishi на Токийской выставке станет прототип K-Wagon Super Height. Его задача, несмотря на громкое название, – продемонстрировать возможности максимизации внутреннего пространства в сурово ограниченном сегменте кеи-каров. Именно поэтому небольшой "вагончик" больше похож на параллелепипед с колесами. По слухам, уже очень скоро такой автомобиль может выйти на дороги Японии.

Ассистировать заявленным премьерам на стенде марки будут уже известный концептуальный кроссовер Engelberg Tourer и система энергоснабжения Dendo Drive House, которая интегрирует электромобили в домашнюю сеть.

Скрыть пресс-релиз Показать пресс-релиз

Motor Show 2019
World Premieres for MI-TECH CONCEPT - the electrified SUV Concept Car
Super Height K-Wagon Concept - the new K-Car concept

Tokyo, October 3 2019 –MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION (MMC) is giving two concept cars its global premiere at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019: the MI-TECH CONCEPT *1 - small electrified SUV; and the Super Height K-Wagon Concept - new K-car concept. The Tokyo Motor Show opens to the public from October 24 to November 4, and these two concept cars will be exhibited at the Tokyo Big Sight .
Other exhibits on the MMC booth will be the MITSUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER*2 – the mid-size electrified SUV concept, which was unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2019 and giving its Japan debut this time; Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid electric SUV; Eclipse Cross crossover SUV; Delica D:5 – the minivan; eK Cross – the K height wagon and other key models sold in Japan.

MI-TECH Concept

Super Height K-Wagon
1. MI-TECH CONCEPT Outline (World Premiere)
MI TECH CONCEPT embodies the values of MMC's Drive your Ambition*3 brand message under the concept of "An electric SUV that delivers unparalleled driving pleasure and confidence over all terrain in light and wind". A new downsized and lighter plug-in hybrid EV (PHEV) drivetrain, a 4-motor electric 4WD system, and advanced driver assistance and active safety systems are condensed into this small electrified SUV concept.
1)PHEV system
This PHEV system is optimized with light and compact unit for this small size SUV, and a gas turbine engine-generator is equipped instead of the general gasoline engine-generator. This provides the driver to use pure-electric driving mode and series hybrid modes, and delivers the smooth and powerful performance characteristics inherent to electrified vehicles.
2)Quad Motor electric 4WD system
MI-TECH CONCEPT is powered by a 4-motor 4WD system called Quad Motor with Dual Motor AYC*4 which has 2-motors for both front and rear axle. This allows optimum torque to be delivered to all four wheels. This brings the confidence to the driver to make a precise handling for the daily use in town, and also the ingenious performance on the adventurous off-road.
3)Advanced driver assistance & active safety systems
MI-TECH CONCEPT adopts a human machine interface (HMI) that projects a variety of information detected by using advanced optical sensing technology onto the AR windshield. The MI-PILOT driver assistance system not only alerts the driver in potential collision, it also supports their operation of the steering wheel and brakes. In addition, active safety systems support the driver in avoiding collisions, or mitigate the collision damage. All these systems work together to deliver a reassuring, safe and enjoyable driving experience.
The visitors to the MMC booth will be able to watch the virtual reality demonstrations that allow them to see the concept car displayed with variety of angles and distances. The stereoscopic images of the MI-TECH CONCEPT could be rotated, zoomed in or zoomed out,in multiple background scenes. In addition to these, there are several angles which the audiences can enjoy the surroundings from inside the car; the angles as if they were walking around the car, looking into interior from outside of the car, or viewing it from underneath of the car.
2.Super Height K-Wagon Concept (World Premiere)
This new-generation Super Height K-Wagon Concept answers the wishes of those drivers looking to expand their list of destinations and going further towards to the horizon.
Super Height K-Wagon Concept features the roomy interior space as its standard of the genre while delivering the performance and functionality expected in this category. And, the SUV-taste design shows its Mitsubishi-ness.
This concept car delivers nimble handling and brisk performance while maximizing living space. It also offers reassurance and safety to all occupants with MI-PILOT - the driver assistance technology for highway driving in the same-lane, forward collision mitigation braking, mis-acceleration mitigation and other advanced active safety systems which earn it SAPO CAR (Safety Support Car) S Wide classification from the Japanese government.
This concept for a new-generation mid-size crossover SUV is powered by MMC's Twin Motor 4WD plug-in hybrid EV system. MITUBISHI ENGELBERG TOURER offers high levels of dynamic performance that allow the driver to enjoy with confidence their driving experience in any weather or over any road surface. It also delivers the long cruising range inherent to the PHEV. The excellent packaging enhances its attractiveness of SUV with its multi-passenger 3-row seat layout.
DDH is a one-stop shopping service which bundles together the sale, installation and after-maintenanceof a V2H *5system that comprises an EV, a V2H adapter, solar panels and a domestic storage battery. MMC today started the trial sales of DDH packaged service in certain areas of Japan. The DDH service is exhibited on the MMC booth alongside the Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid EV. A display screen gives visualization to the system energy flow, starting with the use of solar panels to charge the EV and the supply of electrical power from the EV battery to the home. The DDH service brings benefits to the customer that include savings on electricity costs and provision of an emergency power source.
*1・・・The MI-TECH name takes the M from MITSUBISHI, the I from Intelligent, Ingenious, and Inspired , while TECH is an abbreviation of Technology. Together they point to the many near-future technologies fitted to the concept car.
*2・・・ Engelberg is a well-known ski resort in the central region of Switzerland that offers grand panoramic vistas and is known, as well as for its groomed runs, for its challenging off-piste runs that offer freestyle and freeriding fun for skiers and snowborders.
*3・・・Drive your Ambition is MMC's global tagline or brand message and signals the company's commitment to driver values and aspirations and to their desire to extend horizons, to take on new challenges.
*4・・・Active Yaw Control.
*5・・・Vehicle to Home: A system of supplying homes with electric power stored in EV/PHEV batteries.

MITSUBISHI MOTORS starts limited sales of DENDO DRIVE HOUSE in Japan.
MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION (MMC) starts limited sales of DENDO DRIVE HOUSE (DDH) – a V2H*1 based home system - in Tokyo Japan from October 3. MMC has announced the concept and launching plan of DDH’s packaged service at Geneva Auto Show in March 2019. This is the very first sales of DDH in global, and MMC is planning to start its sales in overseas markets.

DDH is a comprehensive system comprising a Mitsubishi electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV), a bi-directional charger, solar panels and home battery*2 and is designed to be seamlessly integrated as part of the home.

The package allows customers to charge their EV/PHEV at home using solar generated power, and to supply electricity from their EV/PHEV back to the home. DDH benefits customers by helping to save on electricity costs and provide a reliable provision for emergency power source.

Available at MMC dealerships, DDH provides a comprehensive set of services including, the sale, installation and after maintenance*3 of the system's components
*1 Vehicle to Home: A system of supplying homes with electric power stored in EV/PHEV batteries.
*2 Home battery is not included in this limited sales.
*3 in certain countries and regions, installation and after-maintenance will be handled by outsourced contractors.
Benefits delivered by DENDO DRIVE HOUSE (DDH).
・Customers can contribute to the creation of a low-carbon society by using the electricity generated by solar panels to power domestic appliances or to provide power to their EV/PHEV.
・DDH provides a reliable emergency power source that can supply power from the EV/PHEV or storage battery to run appliances in the home.
・DDH is offered as an inclusive package at Mitsubishi dealerships, making it easier for the customer to purchase all the system components together and ensure compatibility.

MITSUBISHI MOTORS is working to make society more sustainable and convenient through the electrification of vehicles and home. With the DDH, electric vehicles become a sustainable choice of mobility while driving and when parked, and can be integrated seamlessly as part of home. DDH is a proposal that brings a new kind of value to the electrification of vehicles.