Строго говоря, пока еще рановато ждать полного снятия покрова тайны: фирма Aston Martin расщедрилась только на одну фотографию салона, которая всех деталей не раскрывает. Однако составить кое-какое впечатление уже можно – в том числе и по официальному пресс-коммюнике производителя.

Интерьер Aston Martin DBX

В нем утверждается, в частности, что на разработку интерьера кроссовера ушла невообразимая куча времени: для британцев модель DBX стала, по сути, первым опытом создания салона для вседорожника со всеми сопутствующими нюансами, и поэтому инженеры компании решили подойти к делу особенно тщательно. Интересно, что при этом они не опирались исключительно на собственные представления о прекрасном.

Для экспертных оценок проекта приглашалось множество сторонних испытателей, в том числе и из среды потенциальных покупателей будущего DBX, а в оценке эргономичности размещения дополнительных кнопок участвовали в том числе и представительницы так называемого Женского консультативного совета фирмы. А опробовать задний диван на разных стадиях проектирования приглашали тех, кто, скорее всего, станет его постоянными обитателями – то есть, детей.

Галерея: Интерьер Aston Martin DBX

Вместе с публикацией фотографии интерьера в Aston Martin назвали и первую конкретную цифру касательно стоимости кроссовера: на рынке Северной Америки его цена будет начинаться с отметки в 189 000 долларов, что почти сопоставимо с ценой Bentley Bentayga или Lamborghini Urus. Официальный дебют британского кроссовера намечен на 20 ноября, причем состоится в Пекине.

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Wednesday 6 November, Gaydon: With the global unveil of the company’s first SUV set for Wednesday 20 November 2019 in Beijing, China, the luxury British marque has today released the first image showcasing the finely crafted cabin of the Aston Martin DBX. Furthermore, the landmark model’s Recommended Retail Price has been confirmed at £155,500 in the UK, €193,500 in Germany, ¥ 2,378,000.00 in China, JPY 22,995,000 in Japan and $189,900 in the USA.

Combining the results of intensive customer research and Aston Martin’s expertise in hand-crafted interiors, DBX has been designed inside out to ensure owners feel instantly at home from the moment they enter the spacious cabin. Matching class-leading materials with carefully considered ergonomics, DBX has been created to meet the needs of the 99th percentile male to the 5th percentile female; an incredibly broad set of requirements.

The decision to use a bespoke chassis allowed Aston Martin’s design team – led by Executive Vice President & Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman – to tailor the interior space to the specific needs of DBX’s customers. The length between the wheels allowed the design team to optimise cabin space while maintaining a sleek, low roofline.

Over six months were spent solely focused on defining the position of the driver within the vehicle, with enough movement in the driver’s seat and steering column to allow clear visibility of all controls, screens and through windows. Crucially, the seating position also delivers a clear view of the bonnet to give confidence when in tight proximity to other cars.

Superior visibility is key to an SUV when inspiring driving confidence and DBX fulfils this demand with an enhanced feeling of sitting within the car, bringing a greater sense of safety and a familiar Aston Martin sporting feel. Fundamentally, DBX offers a cabin that gives the driver an instant and relaxed confidence, yet offers the promise of dynamic performance to reward the most discerning driver.

While the driver has been placed at the forefront of DBX’s interior philosophy, key details throughout have been carefully considered to ensure the model delivers on all elements of the design team’s initial brief.

The dashboard accentuates the feeling of space and luxury in DBX. Each button and dial has been carefully positioned following extensive testing from external counsel, including the brand’s Female Advisory Board and multiple customer clinics with HNWIs of mixed demographic, ensuring the cabin develops a feeling of instant familiarity. Into this broad sweep of dash-board the new TFT screens are integrated seamlessly, so that, despite their impressive size, the technology doesn’t interrupt the elegant overall flow of the interior design. Cabin storage, a necessity in an SUV, can also be difficult to incorporate harmoniously, but in DBX, Aston Martin’s designers have managed to create one of the interior’s standout features - a bridged centre console - creating an elegant, floating aesthetic that offers storage space below for larger items such as a handbag or large 1.5-litre water bottles. This feature keeps valuables close to hand while not occupying the passenger seat and away from dirt on the car’s floor mats.

The rear passengers were central to the design process. The design team wanted an inclusive feeling for those in the rear of the car, but without the sense that the rear occupants were leaning over those in the front of the vehicle, which can sometimes be the result of so-called ‘stadium’ seating arrangements. The needs of children were also considered extensively and, in a new exercise for Aston Martin, a group of children were invited to share their experience of ingress and egress and sitting in an ergonomic assessment model at the company’s design studio.

The result of all this research and development has ensured class-leading front & rear legroom and a fantastic feeling of airiness thanks to the full-length panoramic glass roof and expansive side windows. Sports car packaging methodologies and technical solutions have enabled significant benefits to DBX. The approaches learned through extensive experience of making space efficient sports car interiors means there is more knee and foot space for rear passengers than is typically found in rival SUVs. Wherever you sit in DBX, there is a sense of space and lightness with encapsulating views of the world you’re exploring.

With the model set to be unveiled on Wednesday 20 November, order books will open from this date onwards.