На первых дизайнерских скетчах "Кэдди" пятого по счету поколения выглядел чрезвычайно эффектно и был похож не на утилитарный фургон, а, скорее, на экстремальный спорткар. На новых изображениях "каблучок" изображен в куда более реалистичном варианте – весьма вероятно, что именно таким он и доберется до конвейера.

Галерея: Тизеры Volkswagen Caddy

Тем не менее, даже в таком упрощенном варианте VW Caddy определенно стал более "легковым", чем ранее. Он обзавелся новой светодиодной оптикой и радиаторной решеткой в стиле "Гольфа", внушительным бампером, куда более короткими свесами и затейливыми выштамповками, а силуэт кузова стал заметно динамичнее за счет ниспадающей к дверям багажника линии крыши.

Уже заявлено, что конструкция нового Caddy не подразумевает использования ни единой детали от старого. Фургон и грузопассажирскую версию вполне ожидаемо построят на платформе MQB и, вероятнее всего, снабдят некоторым набором двигателей от "Гольфа". А вот что уже в VW твердо пообещали, так это широчайший спектр онлайн-сервисов и систем помощи водителю, причем некоторые из них впервые для сегмента будут применены именно на "Кэдди". Сохранится и два варианта длины колесной базы, но в целом VW Caddy со сменой поколений должен стать чуть крупнее.

Скрыть пресс-релиз Показать пресс-релиз

The new Caddy from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: A look ahead to the world premiere in February
Dynamic, confident, sporty and at the same time practical: the new Caddy and Caddy Cargo

Innovative and yet 100% Caddy: urban delivery van and family MPV forge ahead in new dimensions

More driver assistance systems and a completely new level of digitalisation for the customers

Hannover, 27 January 2020 – The new generation is going to be very different and yet it fulfils all familiar demands: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ fifth generation Caddy will be a completely new car. No screw has been left untouched. The new Caddy will nevertheless again become the benchmark vehicle in the A segment of commercial urban delivery vans and privately used family MPVs. For as a marvellously spacious vehicle with two wheelbases, it continues to fulfil all traditional desires for far-reaching transport options and high levels of freedom in the everyday routines of the manual trades, service providers and families.

The new Caddy's concept designs are becoming more concrete: it is clear that a lot is going to change on Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ small van/MPV model this year. The Cargo version of the Caddy underlines the new confidence in the otherwise so functional, practical category. The draft design shows clearly: the roof line slopes down slightly towards the back, the short wheelbase is becoming longer and the wheels, as requested, bigger. The LED light graphics too are becoming very innovative: the front lights visually extend the grille and lead directly on to the vehicle body’s sporty, elegant side lines. The draft design of the new Caddy also already clearly indicates more vertically arranged, slim lights at the back. Everything different, but still with a large cargo capacity and great flexibility. The features that always made the Caddy attractive to its customers are retained. In short: 100 per cent new, 100 per cent Caddy.

An example of more sportiness in the segment is made clear on the passenger car variant, too: as a short wheelbase the vehicle does not only look more serene, it is in reality broader and longer. The new Caddy will thus be considered by many customers, including those keen on sport and active leisure pursuits, as an interesting, practical option. One eye-catching feature is without doubt the huge panoramic glass roof, the largest in the segment. The new Caddy shows its sporty slim design – with a serene, coherent appearance. All signs that the new model too is launching with the aim of being the benchmark in its class.

At the same time more driver assistance systems than ever before find their way here into the urban delivery vehicle / family MPV class. The new Caddy is ‘always connected’. That means it becomes its own internet device with real-time information on wheels.

Urban delivery van and family MPV versions of the new Caddy will both be presented to the world’s public for the first time at the end of February. Further details to follow.


1 Concrete draft design of the new Caddy from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: greater sportiness in the family MPV segment, yet a loyal, reliable friend for families, followers of active leisure pursuits and more.

2 The completely redesigned Caddy urban delivery van from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: attractive design with LED lights and the familiar strengths like a large cargo capacity - a everyday helper for the manual trades, service providers and fleets.