Ателье Kelly-Moss Road and Race из Висконсина известно тем, что строит на базе 911-х своего рода внедорожные багги, которые одинаково уверенно чувствуют себя на асфальте – что, в общем-то, характерно для Porsche, так и вне его, что 911-м в общем-то не свойственно.

А фирма Vonnen в свое время разработала оригинальную гибридную систему под названием Shadow Drive, которую выпускает как тюнинг-кит для превращения в гибриды машин, самим производителем для этого не предназначенных.

Плодом их сотрудничества и стал проект Porsche 911 Turbo S в "сафари-стиле". И это начало большого пути: теперь Kelly-Moss Road and Race будет заниматься установкой электрических надстроек на 911-е централизованно. Утверждается, что ее имплантация увеличивает вес спорткара незначительно, да еще и частично компенсируется отказом от кое-каких ненужностей и применением легких материалов. В итоге Porsche 911 тяжелеет всего на 68 кг.

Галерея: Гибридный Porsche 911 Carrera от Vonnen

А прибавка от электромотора получается значительная – до 150 л.с. Количество крутящего момента не называется, но создатели гибрида упирают на то, что сколько бы его ни было, доступен он практически мгновенно после нажатия на педаль. Стоимость доработки не называется: вероятнее всего, она напрямую зависит от типа Porsche 911, который частично пересаживают на электрическую диету.

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Vonnen and Kelly-Moss Announce Kelly-Moss Road and Race as First Certified North American Reseller Installer of Shadow Drive Performance Hybrid Technology

Safari-Themed 991 Series Porsche 911 Turbo S Marks First KMR Vehicle Equipped with Vonnen Shadow Drive

Santa Clara, Calif. and Madison, Wis. (February 05, 2020) — Silicon Valley-based Vonnen, the pioneer of performance hybrid retrofit technology, together with Madison, Wisconsin-based Porsche specialist Kelly-Moss Road and Race (KMR), today announced KMR as a Certified Reseller Installer of Shadow Drive™ performance hybrid systems. Together with the announcement, KMR debuted Shadow Drive equipped, safari-themed 991 Series 911 Turbo S.

“KMR is the caliber of partner that will serve customers well in the Midwest region” said Chuck Moreland, Founder and CEO of Vonnen, “They are highly respected in the Porsche community with a well-earned reputation for competence and quality earned through their rich racing heritage and popular safari cars. KMR will help us expand our footprint to meet growing demand in the region.”

“The experience Shadow Drive provides is both impressive and addictive, and we can’t wait to offer this unique tuning solution to our customers,” said KMR Director of Operations, Andy Kilcoyne. “The ability to boost power without trading off fuel economy, emissions, and drivability really sets it apart from traditional power adders. It’s like adding the instant torque of a Tesla to the raw driving excitement of a Porsche – the best of both worlds. We are confident that our customers will find it a welcome addition to both stock and modified cars alike.”

According to Vonnen, Shadow Drive works by integrating an electric motor into a car’s drivetrain between engine and transmission, supplementing the existing combustion engine with an electric motor. In this way, it combines the sounds and tactile experience of driving a combustion engine powered car with the instant response, wide powerband, and energy recovery features of an EV, supplying an extra 150 horsepower and 150 ft-lb of electric torque. Shadow Drive represents a novel approach to hybridization that is capable of fitting into vehicles with space constraints, while keeping weight impact to a minimum.

KMR will provide sales, installation, and support in order to meet growing demand in the Midwest region. It’s state-of-the-art 40,000 sq./ft facility and Vonnen-certified sales and technical staff combine to provide an exemplary experience for Shadow Drive installations. As part of its relationship with Vonnen, Kelly-Moss will have a demonstrator vehicle on hand for customers to experience Shadow Drive for themselves

KMR’s Safari-themed 911 with Shadow Drive installed will be on display at Das Renn Treffen, Amelia Concours Week, and at Caffeine and Octane in Atlanta and is also available for customer demonstrations at their Madison, Wisconsin headquarters. Details of the build can be found here http://vonnen.com/builds/

About Vonnen

Established in 2016 by founder and CEO Chuck Moreland, Vonnen is a vehicle hybridization company focused on integrating hybrid technology into platforms not originally designed for hybrid power. The company’s initial product, Shadow Drive, replaces a drivetrain’s stock flywheel with an electric motor for increased performance with no emissions or fuel economy penalties. Located in Santa Clara, Calif., Vonnen is a sister company of Porsche suspension components supplier, Elephant Racing, of which Moreland also serves as founder and CEO.

About Kelly Moss Racing

With a history dating back to 1988, Kelly-Moss Road and Race follows a performance-driven philosophy which has lead to over 100 race victories and world-renowned recognition for their custom vehicle builds. From the track to the street, their established winning history provides confidence no other shop can match – that’s the Kelly-Moss difference.