Mercedes-Benz анонсировал второй эпизод своего шоу Meet the S-Class Digital, с помощью которого он готовит нас к премьере флагманской модели. Первая часть вышла 8 июля и была посвящена новому поколению водительского интерфейса MBUX. Во второй, которую покажут 29 июля в 15:00 по Москве, производитель сосредоточится на новых технологиях безопасности.

Из пресс-релиза следует, что новый S-класс первым получит фронтальные подушки безопасности для пассажиров заднего ряда, которые будут работать в связке с боковыми. Не вдаваясь в детали, разработчики отметили, что новые эйрбеги принципиально отличаются от передних, так как их пришлось адаптировать для использования с детскими креслами.

Галерея: Новые шпионские фото Mercedes-Benz S-класса

Кроме того, представительский седан Mercedes-Benz обзавелся улучшенной функцией Pre-Safe Impulse Side, которая использует для защиты пассажиров возможности активной гидропневматической подвески E-Active Body Control. Когда установленные в автомобиле датчики предсказывают неизбежное боковое столкновение, весь кузов немного приподнимается, чтобы удар пришелся на более жесткие элементы конструкции.

Также Mercedes-Benz объявил, что полноценный дебют нового S-класса состоится 2 сентября. Перед этим мы увидим еще как минимум один эпизод «веб-сериала»: в третьем выпуске, который выйдет на цифровой платформе Meet Mercedes Digital 12 августа, расскажут про то, как сделали интерьер седана еще роскошнее.

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Meet the S-Class DIGITAL #2: Innovation by intelligence: The new S-Class comes with ground-breaking innovations in safety, comfort and driving functions

The second edition of the “Meet the S-Class DIGITAL” special provides information on the technical innovations of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class ahead of its world premiere in September. The ground-breaking technology in the luxury saloon sets new standards in safety and comfort and makes driving easier thanks to intelligent functions. Michael Hafner, Vice President Automated Driving, provides moderator Yasmine Blair with insights into highlights such as the world’s first airbag for rear-seat passengers and the combination of the PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side system with the ACTIVE BODY CONTROL active suspension. This means that active and passive safety systems are even more closely integrated with one another. The “Meet the S-Class DIGITAL #2: Innovation by intelligence” news format will air in a media special on Wednesday 29 July 2020 at 2.00 pm (CEST) on the Mercedes me media digital platform at, after which it will be available as video-on-demand.

Stuttgart. Be it airbag or the ESP® electronic stability programme, each generation in the model history of the S-Class has set new safety benchmarks in their respective eras. The innovative technologies often became the new standard, not only at Mercedes-Benz but throughout the entire automotive sector. Once again, the new S-Class, which will celebrate its world premiere on 2 September, raises safety and ride comfort to a whole new level. It is the first car worldwide to be equipped with airbags for rear-seat passengers to protect them in the event of a frontal impact. It calls for an entirely different concept to that of front airbags. When deploying, for instance, the airbags must be able to adapt to child seats. Combined with a Belt Bag, an inflatable safety belt, the S-Class is thus setting new benchmarks in safety for rear-seat passengers.

Mercedes-Benz develops all safety functions from knowledge gained from its own accident research, which the company has been conducting for more than 50 years. The “Real Life Safety” philosophy often extends beyond legal safety requirements – thus producing innovations that significantly increase the safety of occupants and other road users. One example on the path to a fully integrated safety concept, in which active and passive safety systems merge, is the expansion of the PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side function in the new S-Class. The feature uses radar sensors to identify an imminent side impact. For the first time, it protects the occupants not only by using air cushions in the seats to move the driver or front-seat passenger towards the centre of the vehicle, but also by simultaneously raising the entire vehicle using the E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL suspension to divert the impact through stiffer structures. PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side thus expands the capabilities of the active suspension, which raises the ride and handling of the new S-Class to an entirely new level.

The “Meet the S-Class DIGITAL” news format consists of a moderated show with a studio interview as well as reports from location and test tracks. Each show is accompanied by in-depth information in the form of videos, graphics, press texts and images for download. There is also the chance to chat with Mercedes-Benz experts.

The first episode of “Meet the S-Class DIGITAL: My MBUX” has been available as video-on-demand since 8 July 2020, and presents the new generation of the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX). The third episode, “Meet the S-Class DIGITAL: Luxury & well-being” will air on 12 August 2020, focusing on the new and luxurious interior comfort.